About Us

It all started with a seemingly never ending quest to find scented candles that smelt amazing! 

In 2015 we gave up on that search and decided to make our own instead!. Our middle names combined to form William & Joseph, creating a range of irresistbly scented hand poured candles. Each candle is hand crafted in Hamsphire, UK with a focus on quality and scent performance.

Our candles are produced with a premium blend of mineral and vegetable wax used by top brands throughout Europe. The scents we use come from reputable cruelty-free suppliers within the UK, Europe and US and comply with EU regulations, IFRA standards and CLP legislation.

Taking inspiration from books and beyond we have an almost endless source of amazing people, places and other literary legends to bring to life through fragrance.

Each new scent takes many, many hours of testing to ensure optimal scent performance as well as clean and stable burning properties.

Thanks for reading :)